Director of Search - Watson Institute at Lynn University

Boca Raton, Florida, United States


Overview of Watson Institute

Watson Institute is built on the belief that to solve the toughest challenges facing the world, we must equip the next generation with the necessary tools, network, mindset, and courage to unleash a lifetime of impact.

Watson Institute is a reimagined model of education for next-generation innovators and social entrepreneurs. At Watson Institute, promising young leaders from around the world convene to launch and advance solutions to the world’s most urgent social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Watson Scholars can earn a bachelor’s degree in social entrepreneurship from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, to lead real solutions to significant global challenges. They can also take part in a 4-month semester incubator program in Boulder, Colorado, and focus on launching social ventures and projects.

The 167 Watson alumni from 52 countries have raised $77.2 million for the initiatives they help lead, created 572 part or full time jobs, and impacted over 150,000 people through their work. Watson alumni have been selected to the Echoing Green Fellowship and Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, and continued their education at Harvard University, New York University, and Princeton University, among others.

Director of Search Mission Statement

The Director of Search will lead our global search for the 110 promising next-generation leaders and social entrepreneurs for the bachelor’s program at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, and the Watson Institute Semester Incubator that runs three times per year in Boulder, Colorado.

The Director of Search will leverage partnerships with nominators[1], high schools, colleges and universities, and current students and alumni to search for future Watson Scholars. Watson Institute currently receives approximately 750 applications per year for 95 slots, and we expect this individual’s strategy to increase applications to over 1,000 per year for 110 slots.

[1]Nominators: Partner organizations, institutions, and schools working with students and young entrepreneurs that could be prospective Watson Scholars. Watson currently has a network of over 350 nominators across the world.

The Director Role

Search Strategy, Implementation and Financial Goals

Working alongside the Office of Admission at Lynn University

Watson Institute’s Director of Search is an employee of Watson Institute, 501(c)(3) and works alongside Lynn University’s Office of Admission to ensure that students interested in the social entrepreneurship program in Boca Raton meet the requirements and eligibility for admission. The Office of Admission at Lynn University determines who will be admitted into the Bachelor of Science in social entrepreneurship:

Nominator Partnerships

Watson Institute’s network of over 350 nominators are the primary way in which strong prospective applicants find out about the Watson Institute. This individual will lead the process of strengthening and building relationships with new and existing nominators. The Director of Search will also be responsible for managing our CRM platform as it relates to Search and Admissions. The elements of the nominator process include:

Scholar Search


Cultural Fit

In order to thrive as a Director of Search at Watson Institute, a candidate must:

Candidate Profile

Top candidates should demonstrate:


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